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 COVID-19 Information 

 Welcome Back! 

Here is what Joan's Olympic Gym has been doing to help!

  • Our cleaning team continues to use commercial grade disinfectant solutions.

  • Additional cleaning by all staff has been ongoing to focus on disinfecting high traffic touch points throughout the gym.

  • We continue with elevated protocols for enhanced cleaning/disinfecting touch points throughout the gym and dance areas, including handrails, door handles, playroom equipment, etc.

  • Restrooms and locker rooms are being cleaned and touch points disinfected on an hourly basis throughout the day. Deep cleanings are being performed each night.

  • Supervisory cleaning inspections have been increased throughout the entire facility in order to ensure performance.

  • Additional hand sanitizer dispensers have been installed throughout the facility that are being monitored and refilled regularly.

  • Informational signage has been installed to promote healthy habits: “Wash hands, cover coughs and sneezes with tissues, and limit contact with others if ill”.

  • We continue to stay up-to-date with CDC guidelines and public health guidance regarding new processes/solutions for promoting clean, disinfected touch points.

  • Additional tissues are available.

Specific to health and wellbeing:

  • We have continued increased frequency of staff cleaning equipment.

  • Additional tissues are available.

  • Hourly cleaning of all equipment, mats, including studio and restrooms.

  • For further information, please look at the Massachusetts Department of Public Health Guidelines

 Please continue healthy habits! 

We all play a role in keeping our community healthy and preventing the spread of germs and illness. Please follow the CDC recommendations and take the following precautions to protect yourself and others while you are at Joan’s Olympic Gym or any public place.

  • Wash your hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds

  • Use an alcohol based hand sanitizer

  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth

  • Cover your cough/sneeze with a tissue, and then dispose of the tissue

  • Frequently disinfect touched objects and surfaces

  • Stay home if you are sick and avoid close contact with people who are sick

Our new "kiss and go" policy 

We have implemented several practices and guidelines for your health and safety, including temperature checks each day, social distancing for athletes at all times, and equipment sanitation throughout the day. Masks must be worn upon entry and exit from the gym and will be worn by staff at all times. We also have a “Kiss and Go” system to limit the number of people in the building and the possibility of exposure to the athletes and staff. When possible, please kiss your child goodbye at the door and go home, run errands, or anything you may need to do. Thank you for your cooperation while we work to keep the gym safe and sanitized during this critical time!

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