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Joan’s Olympic Gym and Fitness Center offers both classical instruction and dance classes for today’s modern youth. We offer ballet, tap, jazz and hip-hop programs for children aged 3 to teen. Our trained professionals teach children the fundamental elements of movement, and strengthen their abilities to coordinate those movements to showcase various styles. Please see the details of our dance programs below:


The basis of dance movement which develops poise, grace and coordination. Ballet is essential to students of both dance and gymnastics.

Jazz and Tap

This program places a focus on the basis on body movement with contemporary social dances. It develops a strong sense of rhythm and coordination. During the year there will be a few dance classes chosen to perform in our exhibitions throughout the New England area.

Hip Hop

This style of dance constantly evolves and welcomes innovation across cultural boundaries. Hip Hop is today’s new style of dance that is seen in music videos and performed live at concerts. This is offered for children ages 6 to teen.

All dance classes meet once a week for 60 minutes.

Don’t forget our Annual Dance Concert will be held in June! All Dance students are urged to participate!